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Smart Irrigation Monitoring System

Md Irfan Ahmed, Saket Saurabh



In this paper we develop a fully Smart Irrigation System based on Node MCU ESP8266 and an IoT app, the BLYNK. Basically, information from a plantation will be captured, temperature and humidity, both of air and soil. Based on those data, then we will decide the right amount (and when) the plantation should receive heat and water. Also, the project should allow manual intervention of an operator in order to control a water pump. The manual intervention must be both, local and remote via Internet. The Node MCU ESP-12E is the integrated version of the popular ESP8266, a Serial to Wi-Fi System. On a Chip (SoC) that appeared for the first time in 2013, been released on following year. The ESP8266 was developed by the Shangai-based company Express if Systems, an IC manufacturer focused on the development of RF chips, particularly Wi-Fi. Irrigation field plays a vital role in a crop yield. However how much and when to irrigate is still moderated by the traditional knowledge for the farmers. Knowing how much of water is irrigated for a given crop for a particular type of soil type depends majority on soils capacity to hold moisture. We need an IOT based solution which can auto irrigate the fields for a given crop based on the soil pressure content.

Keywords: IOT, irrigation system, agriculture, sensor

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