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Blynk-based Water Level Monitoring System

Ruchi Gupta, Kamlesh Kumar Singh



In this study, Blynk-based water level monitoring system presented as a medium of data transmission. Blynk application is having a stand with iOS and Android apps to control Android and Raspberry pi over the Internet. We created a web dashboard where simply drag and the drop the widgets present in it. This application is installed in our iOS/Android devices which are used to monitor the water level using ultrasonic sensor through internet. An ultrasonic sensor will detect the level of water and will be sent it on the Blynk application via wireless connection through Wi-Fi module present on the Nodemcu. The data will also be displayed on the LCD which will connect to the Nodemcu. The result that will obtain through the system will show that the system will be able to tackle the overflow and dry running pumps and will save the water as well as electricity.


Keywords: Ultrasonic sensor, Nodemcu, Wi-Fi module, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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Ruchi Gupta, Kamlesh Kumar Singh. Blynk-based Water Level Monitoring System. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2018; 8(2): 1–3p.

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