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Electric Car: The Future Car—A Short Review

Himani Bhalchandra Kadam, Madhavendra Patil



In 21st electric energy is considered as clear, green and pure energy. This has gained more attention and so much research is going on, as trend of market and due to competition so many manufacturers are producing Electric vehicles with efficient batteries covering more distance in per charge. We know that Traditional (fossil) fuels are limited in storage as well as these have also led pollution through the emissions. The one of the main reasons behind this is unawareness in many people about of electric vehicles. This study includes detailed view of hybrid electric vehicle and parts of electric vehicles with pros and cons of EV. The main purpose of this paper is to create awareness in people about Electric Vehicles explaining in simple language. Countries like India have largest market for Hybrid Vehicles, so many automotive industries have started designing and developing hybrid vehicles. Tesla is leading manufacturer of electric cars. Traditional manufactures of IC engine vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar may follow footsteps of Tesla and manufactured electric cars in future.

Keywords: Electric vehicles, motor, batteries, control circuit, main circuit, inverter, particulate matter, emissions, IC engine vehicles, particulate matter

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Himani Kadam, Madhavendra Patil. Electric Car: The Future Car—A Short Review. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2019; 10(1): 28–31p.

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