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Experimental Investigation on Soil Stabilization with Demolished Concrete

Vanga Mahesh, Kodurupaka Rajesh, Manda Tejaswi


Soil serves as engineering media for the construction and preserve or destroy artifacts of human endeavors. This step of construction process bears such a great importance because it can cause foundation failure due to the insufficient bearing capacity of the soil. Stabilizing of soil in an economical way is complicated task,by this project we are going to increase the soil strength for the foundation by adding demolished concrete. As demolished concrete waste handling and management is the new primary challenging issue faced by the world and a hectic problem in upcoming days. To make this material to be eco-friendly, we are going to satisfy the environment and economical point of view. To tackle it in an indigenous manner, it is desirable to completely recycle demolished concrete waste in order to protect natural resources, to reduce environmental pollution, to reduce construction cost and resolving housing problems faced by low income communities of the world.

The concept of using demolished concrete is to know the stabilization of soil when mixed with the debrismaterial coming from construction when demolished andto improve and enhance the strength and properties of soil when mixed with the demolished concrete. This identification is done by using various tests in laboratory experiments of specific gravity, Atterberg’s limits, direct shear test and California bearing ratio. Hence by using the demolished concrete for stabilizing the soil, it could be shifted from “Construction and Demolition(C&D) Waste Material to Resource material”.


Soil Stabilization, Construction and Demolished Concrete.

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