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Microfluidic Flow of the Dyed Aqueous Isopropyl Alcohol in a single SU-8 based Glass Microfluidic Device Fabricated inside the Cleanroom Laboratory

Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay


A single SU-8 based glass microfluidic device is fabricated by maskless lithography and indirect bonding technique, using author’s own hands-on completely inside the cleanroom laboratory. Dyed aqueous isopropyl alcohol (90% dyed water, 10% isopropyl alcohol) is the prepared working liquid in this work. The surface-driven microfluidic flow of working liquid is recorded by a CMOS camera catching 25 frames per second with a corresponding time-scale resolution of 0.04 second. The leakage-free surface-driven microfluidic flow is achieved according to the recorded video file. In future, this work will be useful in microfluidics related different bioengineering applications.


Microfluidic Flow, Isopropyl alcohol, SU-8, Indirect bonding

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