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Application of Heterogeneous Catalytic Technology based Solar Reactor for Treatment of Textile Effluent Water by Sunlight

Ram Babu Pachwarya, A. L. Ramanathan, Deepchand Saini, R. C. Meena


To work on sustainable wastewater treatment method based on solar radiations is a challenging task for scientists. We have used sunlight, a renewable and constant source of energy, to take the substantial advantages of PCD (photo catalytic degradation) technique for the treatment of polluted water. The photocatalyst (TiO2) can remove most of the water soluble organic pollutants of water in sun light. This technique is very much cost effective and also feasible at large scale. Implementation of the technique at larger level will open a new avenue.


Keywords: Photocatalyst, TiO2, pH, solar energy, pollutants

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