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Basic Urea and Ammonia Synthesis

Aakanksha Mishra



Indian population has continued to grow at the rate of 1.2% per year. This population explosion demands for around 263 million tonne of food grain per annum. From the present level of production of some 241 million tonnes (2012–2013); it is clear that an adequate quantity of fertilizer has to be made available. Urea (NH2CONH2) and ammonia (NH3) are of great importance to the agriculture industry as nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This paper reviews the processes already employed by various big organisations throughout the globe for production of urea and ammonia on an industrial scale. The overall chemical, infrastructural concepts and the safety measures involved in the industrial production of these fertilizers have been briefly discussed.


Keywords: Urea, ammonia, nitrogen-rich fertilisers, agriculture industry

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