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Shabibi Faris, Sanjay Wakle, Shivam Sangekar, Arati Khade, Prof.M. U. Pople


Nature has blessed us with a wonderful sweet fruit sapota which is commonly known as chickoo which has a sweet taste and which is liked by people of all ages. It is also a most popular fruit in Asia. It has Medicinal property due to chemical constituents such as polyphenol ascorbic acids, it can also be used in cosmetics. But the fruit sapota (chickoo) has very short shelf life because it contains 70-80% moisture so the fruit was processed into a value added powder to increase its shelf life. The pulp of fruit were dried at 70 degree celsius in a conventional vacuum oven after drying the product in converted into a powder form. Number of test is then carried out for its constituents  like, carbohydrate, fat, ash, moisture content, calcium and its energy value. Economic analysis is also carried out to find the cost of powder per kilogram. The powder can be used in pharmaceutical industries, in cosmetic industries as well as can be use as a flavouring agent.


Chickoo, Constituents, Drying,Economic,Moisture, powder, Sapota.

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