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Innovative Applications of Aerated Concrete– A Review

kalyani satish kondekar


This paper deals with the review of literature regarding the Aerated Concrete. The main aim of the research was to study the application and properties used for paving structure, retaining structures, as a mortar, etc. The papers studied for the project mainly consist of the use of air entraining agent with different materials. For finding the mechanical properties, moisture content, freezing thawing effects, corrosion, etc., different experimental procedures, methods, materials and mix design for aerated concrete were adopted.  Authors also investigated the use of industrial waste materials for developing the properties of aerated concrete. They found out compressive strength, flexure strength, shear strength, durability, moisture content, shrinkage, porosity, freezing and thawing effects, curing conditions etc. They adopted SVM, mathematical equations, inverse analysis, SEM analysis, DEM, X-Ray, LPR methods for finding the properties. Further, the areas where more research work is still needed are discussed.

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