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Ranking the Factors Influencing the Selection of Formwork system by Relative Importance Index

sowmiya sadhana


Formwork has relatively greater importance in concrete construction. The three major principles of project management are time, cost and quality. These three principles are affected heavily while choosing a particular formwork system for concrete construction. Choosing a formwork system is a critical decision that is made during the planning stage of Construction project. Major requirement of formwork is that it should produce a good quality finish, safety for formwork crew and Speed which are to be achieved within the budgeted cost. Now a days, Temporary structures are given more importance as of the permanent structures. Ignoring the importance of temporary structures will cause loss in time and cost. Hence, formwork selection is given prime importance in construction of high rise buildings. There are many factors that directly contribute to the selection of formwork system. They are Building design and architectural features, Speed of Construction, Local Condition and Site characteristics, Hoisting Equipment and Office support, Material for formwork, Cost of the formwork system, and Formwork crew efficiency. Hence, Relative importance index is used to rank the factors which further help us to determine the most significant factor affecting the selection of formwork system.

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