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Effect of partial replacement of marble dust on concrete with addition of coconut coir: A review paper

Ashutosh S. Trivedi, Piyush Singh Tekaley, Manoj Sharma



Concrete is the most important construction element and it is utilized in the construction because of its high compression power and its durability. Now a day’s different studies have been performed to compose concrete with waste substance with the aim of decreasing rate and unavailability of conventional materials. This study examined the strength properties of concrete samples produce using waste marble dust as substitution of aggregates by different researchers. Marble dirt is generates from processing plant life through the sawing and sprucing of marble blocks and about 20 - 25% of the processed marble is generates powder shape. Dumping of the marble dust waste stuff by way of the marble enterprise is one of the ecological problems globally nowadays. The present investigation is intended at utilizing marble dust in creation paintings itself as best combination in concrete, substituting herbal sand or cement.

Keywords: Marble dust, Coconut coir, Strength, Concrete.


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Trivedi Ashutosh S, Piyush Singh Tekaley, Manoj Sharma. Effect of Partial Replacement of Marble Dust on Concrete with Addition of Coconut Coir: A Review Paper. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management. 2018; 8(1): 1–6p.

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