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Enhancement of Cable Profile and Deck Arrangement in Cable Stayed Bridge A Review

Vinayak Bajirao kumbhar, Dr. S.A. Bhalchandra


Cable-stayed bridges are usually self-anchored structures and therefore offer a good solution at locations where the soil conditions are not good and as a consequence the cost of the foundations for an earth-anchored structure like a typical suspension bridge would become excessive.  To overcome these problems, it is necessary to find a new type of material in lieu of steel. Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) has many excellent properties, such as light weight, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, excellent fatigue strength, and thus it is widely used in the field of civil engineering currently.

Now a day’s due advancement in construction industries and new design tools there are exploring possibilities of cable profile variation by modifying deck element length. The length of bridge deck from pylon till the end of last cable will be conveniently divided into three parts such that each single part has different length of segment than that of other two parts. This will toward change in the angle of the cable and subsequently leads towards uniformities of the force in cable.

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