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Factors Affecting Building Construction Tendering Costs: Studies of Saudi Arabia

Yahya Alfraidi



This study is conducted to assess and rank factors affecting cost at the pre-tender stage for building construction projects in Saudi Arabia. 43 factors affecting opponent cost estimate were identified through literature review and discussion with some construction specialists. The factors were tabulated in a questionnaire form and a questionnaire survey including 32 consultants and 21 owners was performed. The study finds a strong agreement between owners and consultants in ranking cost-influencing factors of building construction projects; the top ranked factors are: client's evaluation and awarding policy, labors skills, tender selection method (open, selected, negotiation, etc.), method of procurement (design bid build, design and build, project management, etc.), clear scope definition for the client, material price changes, estimating method used, and time between project design and project execution.

Keywords: Pretender, cost estimate, accuracy, owners, consultants, building construction

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Yahya Alfraidi. Factors Affecting Building Construction Tendering Costs: Studies of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management. 2018; 8(1): 26–33p.


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