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Computer Aided Circuit Design for Diagnosis of Dust Impact on Solar Panels

Rashmi Chawla, Anisha Raheja, Divya Khanna



Solar panels have come up as a promising methodology for extracting solar energy and yielding electricity. However, there exist many barriers in its path to become an indispensable part of today's era. The decreasing panel efficiency due to several factors such as temperature, irradiance, photoactive material, dust, panel orientation, is an issue of concern. Amongst these, dust is the least acknowledged, yet the most crucial parameter responsible for deteriorating panel performance. This research work focuses on studying the impact of dust on photovoltaic modules. Further computer aided circuit design is proposed for dust diagnosis on solar panel. The result revealed high impact of dust from experimental data that is also justified by transmittance calculation from computer aided design circuit.

Keywords: PSPICE, Solar cell, Solar Panel, Transmittance, Mitigation

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Anisha Raheja, Divya Khanna, Rashmi Chawla. Computer Aided Circuit Design for Diagnosis of Dust Impact on Solar Panels. Journal of Electronic Design Technology. 2018; 9(3): 11–16p.

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