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IoT Based Self-Parking Car (Parallel Parking)

Krushnakant Kolaiprasad kori, Maulik Panchal, Mohan M. Khambalkar, Mehfuza S. Holiya


Abstract: As fast growth in population, the problem of parking space is surplus as no. of car increases. Because of limited parking space, people have to wait in the queue to get their car parked. Parallel parking in narrow spaces is often the most tedious and annoying task for drivers. The situation becomes even harder when visibility behind the vehicle decreased because of the aerodynamic shape of a car. To overcome this problem, we present an effective, simple and reliable solution to implement low-cost self-parking car. In this prototype, we have used hardware like Nodemcu, ultrasonic sensor, and an infrared sensor. The car is planned to be made smarter by using image processing and more effective sensors like Lidar. Results of the prototype show how self-parking can be implemented in regular cars and abundant time and space can be saved.

Keywords: Self-parking, Internet of Things, Nodemcu, parallel-parking

Cite this Article: Krushnakant Kori, Maulik Panchal, Mohan M. Khambalkar, Mehfuza S. Holiya, IoT Based Self-Parking Car (Parallel Parking), 2019. Journal of Electronic Design Technology. 2019; 10(1): 15–19p. 

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