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Modelling & Simulation Of Fuzzy Logic Based Controller For Energy Storage System

Archana Sahu, Uma Shankar Patel


The problem of transient stability in multimachine model is a semi-infinite optimization problem for nonlinear phenomenon in network of energy storage system. As this involves several sets of differential equations and algebraic constraints; therefore the application of several mathematical programming techniques won’t be enough to solve the problem. In the past several ad hoc algorithms had been proposed. This study presents a new methodology to restore the transient stability by modelling the energy storage system based on optimal power flow control using fuzzy logic based controller. The proposed methodology can be used for both dispatching and redispatching energy while overcoming transient stability constraints. We’ve also presented a statistical comparison with the existing stochastic dynamic methods.

Keywords: Energy storage system, battery management system, robust control

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Archana Sahu, Uma Shankar Patel. Modelling & Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for Energy Storage System. Journal of Electronic Design and Technology. 2017; 8(2): 9–15p.

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