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Distributed Control System Using Wired Communication Channel

Pramod U. Chavan, Ramadevi. R, M. Murugan, Sheela Rani. B


This paper addresses the important aspects of RS-485 as a wired system for successful data transmission design. Wired distributed control system offers flexibility in the design and implementation at low cost and such can be applied in many useful situations. While designing distributed control system, the difficulties arises both in basic safety correctness properties as well as in achieving high performance. Hence the main objective of this research is to provide brief information about RS-485 which defines the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers that could be used to implement a balanced multipoint transmission line. This work focuses on the distributed control system in which RS-485 is used for point to point communication and providing a choice of drivers, receivers depending on the cable length, number of nodes and also to conserve power. The advantage of the proposed system is that it can handle the growing amount of work or complexity of the network. This model consists of a master and multiple slaves to control and monitor different sensors and actuators of the system. Communication between master and slaves is established using RS- 485 bus. For easiness, comfort and safety a GUI using visual basic is implemented.
Keywords: Distributed control System, RS-485, wired communication, master and slave

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Pramod U. Chavan, Ramadevi. R, M. Murugan et al. Distributed Control System using Wired Communication Channel. Journal of Electronic Design and Technology. 2017; 8(2): 28–33p.

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