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Hazardous Waste Management In India: A Review

Nishima Chaddha, Ramesh M.


The review of this study is to collect varied examination studies obtainable by completely different researchers for the management of harmful wastes through different techniques. Harmful waste is the waste that possesses harmful or hidden threat to human health or the surroundings. So to diminish environmental harmful proper attention is needed through disposal of that waste, since it cannot be produced by common means like different by product of our daily uses. Rapidly growing industries within the environment had contributed within the production of huge part of harmful waste product. The source of harmful waste is essentially the agricultural and agro-industries, medical facilities, business centres, family and therefore the informal sectors.

Keywords: Social acceptance, termolyses, environment consciousness, conflicts, waste management

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Nishima Chaddha, Ramesh M. Hazardous Waste Management in India: A Review. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits. 2017; 7(2): 7–11p.

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