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Factors to Increase the Efficiency of Solar Panel: A Review

Aditya Aggarwal, Yogesh Chandra, Parag Singhal, Md. Fahim


Abstract This paper represents a review on the factors which affect the efficiency of solar panels as a challenge for the modern technology. The limitations of fossil resources and enormous increasing demand for energy have directed our ways to focus our minds towards solar energy, as it is freely available ample source of sunlight to us which can be effectively used for converting it into electricity and enlighten those areas where lines cables are not possible. This review paper answers us about various questions related to factors which influence the efficiency of solar panels under recent researches, like how temperature influence with Phase Change Material (PCM), or how dust obstructs the path of sunlight, why the phase change material with frequency of incident light influences the working area of photovoltaic cell, which material is best suitable to increase performance, which cooling technology would effectively decrease down the surface temperature and how oil coating or nanocoating guided solar cell to rise up their working criteria and so on. This review paper is a complete study of strengthening parameters which somehow tell about present and future aspects of solar panels.

Keywords: Efficiency, solar panels, factors, solar cells, performance parameter

Cite this Article Aditya Aggarwal, Yogesh Chandra, Parag Singhal, et al. Factors to Increase the Efficiency of Solar Panel: A Review. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits. 2019; 9(1):.13–21p.  

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