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Design and Testing On Automatic Fire Suppression System in Tunnel Fires

Prof. Satish Rathi, Nagorao Mokase, Vaibhav Pawar, Tushar Ingavale, Ajinkya More



During recent times we have read articles of tunnel are getting fired up due to heat or any other reason. Similarly after accident many a times there are chances that a car may set of to hazardous and death or injury causing fire explosions. Thus we may understand that now a days, one of the serious problem in automobile are engine fire. There is no such mechanism as if now to avoid such problem. Fire suppression system deals with sensing of smoke in tunnel and therefore actuating dry co2 inside the tunnel through electronics and T valve. Thus suppressing the fire that has taken place. Therefore, in this study, an automatic extinguishing system structure is proposed for tunnel fires. Especially, the applicability of the automatic extinguishing system was investigated through evaluation of the system in a simulated lab environment.

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