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A Two-Dimensional (2D) Analytical Model for Channel Potential and Threshold Voltage of Short Channel Triple Material Gate-Double Halo (TMG-DH) DG MOSFET

Shweta Tripathi


In the present paper, an analytical model for the channel potential of short channel Triple Material Gate-Double Halo (TMG-DH) DG MOSFET has been presented using parabolic approximation method. Further, the threshold voltage of the device has been calculated using minimum mid channel potential and the result obtained has been compared with the threshold voltage of Triple Material double gate (TMDG) MOSFET in order to show the improvement in the threshold voltage roll-off. The proposed model uncovers the effects of halo region, lengths of the gate materials on the threshold voltage of the DG MOSFET along with all other major geometrical parameters. It has been also shown that TMG-DH DG MOSFET structure alleviates the problems of short channel effects (SCEs) and drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL) more efficiently. The proposed model has been verified by comparing the theoretically predicted results with simulated data obtained by using the commercially available ATLASTM 2D device simulator.


Triple Material Gate-Double Halo (TMG-DH) DG MOSFET; halo doping; short channel effect; drain induced barrier lowering; threshold voltage

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