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A Transformer-based Multilevel Inverter with Lesser Components

Aravind Venugopal, Phejil K. Paul


This paper presents a multilevel inverter topology with lesser number of components than a conventional multilevel inverter, thereby reducing the overall cost of the same. Here, a nine-level transformer-based multilevel inverter topology is proposed which uses only 8 switches while a conventional transformer-less multilevel inverter uses 16 switches for achieving the same voltage level. The structure consists of a single dc source feeding two standard H-bridges. The process of intermediate voltage regulation is achieved by a single transformer. To derive the gating pulses, a pulse width modulation scheme is used. Also, only a single dc source is used. The proposed inverter is validated using simulated results and a down-scale prototype of the same is also built. Furthermore, an effortless extension of the proposed inverter to a higher number of voltage levels is also possible.


Multilevel inverters; pulse width modulation; standard H-Bridges

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