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Performance Comparison of Control Approaches for Improving Power Quality by DSTATCOM

Kirtan Desai, Chintan Patel


Power quality is very important consideration for electrical supply system. A number of methods like active-passive filters, dynamic voltage restorer, distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) etc; are used to compensate the power quality problems like harmonics, voltage sag and swell, load balancing and others. This paper presents performance comparison of two control strategies used for DSTATCOM to mitigate the problems of harmonics in distribution network. The DSTATCOM, a shunt connected device is used to mitigate the harmonics generated by non-linear loads in industries. The synchronous reference frame theory (SRFT) and unit voltage template and PI controller based control strategies can be efficiently applied for DSTATCOM. The working of DSTATCOM is checked for non-linear loading condition. The system considered is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. The results clearly show the effectiveness of DSTATCOM in the field of power quality with various control methods.


Keywords: DSTATCOM, power quality, harmonics, synchronous reference frame theory, unit voltage template, PI controller based strategy

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