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Torque Ripple Minimization of High-Power Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Low Switching Frequency

G. Durga sukumar, M. K. Pathak


Multi-level inverter has emerged as an important topology in the area of high-power-medium voltage energy
control applications due to its several advantages such as its good harmonic rejection capability, better
output voltage with reduced ripple, reduction of voltage ratings of the power semiconductor switching
devices and also the reduced electro-magnetic interference problems, etc. This paper presents the torque
ripple minimization and the performance under different operating conditions (dynamic and steady state) of
indirect vector-controlled high-power fed induction motor driven by three-level inverter with the low
switching frequency 0.51 kHz. It also presents simplified space-vector modulation method for a three-level
inverter. The torque ripple of induction motor drive fed with a two-level inverter and a three-level inverter is
compared. The total harmonic distortion values of inverter line-to-line voltages and induction motor phase
current values are also compared using two-level inverter and three-level inverter.
Keywords: Multi-level inverter, performance improvement, THD reduction, two-level inverter, space-vector
modulation (SVM), indirect vector control

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