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CFD simulation of methane flow through an orifice plate

pawan kasat


In this paper the effects of errors in the flow rate and discharge coefficient when Methane (CH4) flow through orifice plates with flange tapping has been investigated by the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The location of vena- contracta was also estimated from CFD simulations. Outcomes of the CFD simulations are in terms of profiles of pressure and velocity. In this study a numerical investigation of the flow characteristics behavior caused by a Methane (CH4) flow through an orifice configuration is reported. This study investigates the following parameters; orifice pressure drop, flow rate and shift in discharge coefficient. In the present work, k-ε turbulence model with density based solver has been used to predict velocity fields, pressure loss, shift in flow rate and discharge coefficient around this device. It is observed that the flow is jet-like flow in the core field and the presence of recirculation zone.

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