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A Review Study on Dynamic Analysis of Multistoreyed Buildings by using Seismostruct Software

Rahul Diliprao Rakshe, Uttam Kalwane


Civil Engineering structures are designed to withstand environmental forces like earthquake, along with gravity loads. These forces are random and dynamic in nature. Therefore the response of the structure is also dynamic and that is what causes the unsafe and uncomfortable conditions. So, performance based analysis of the structure is required which can be achieved by Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) as well as Response Spectrum analysis (RSA). But, Incremental dynamic analysis is quite accurate and actual response of the structure from the particular considered earthquake can be obtained by this method. An incremental dynamic analysis consists of performing a series of nonlinear dynamic analysis in which the intensity of the ground motion selected for the collapse investigation is incrementally or step by step increased until the global collapse capacity of the structure is reached.

It is observed from literature survey, With the help of IDARC 2D software using Incremental Dynamic Analysis of G+2 RCC structure & IDA of steel moment resisting frame Probabilistic analysis, Performance based study (Seismic hazard analysis, response of the building, nonlinear analysis, Financial risk assessment) is carried out. Comparative studies also carried out such as Special, Intermediate and Ordinary moment resisting frames (i.e. SMF, IMF, OMF) Nonlinear static analysis to Nonlinear dynamic analysis Incremental dynamic analysis with Static pushover analysis. IDA is also carried out to investigate structural response, damage outcomes and Financial loss from highway bridges. Hazard survival probability, fragility, structural performance and associated financial risk of monolithic ductile walls and precast DAD walls.


Keywords: Incremental dynamic analysis, Response Spectrum Analysis, Eigen Value Analysis, Peak Ground Acceleration.

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