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A Review Study of Various Type of Bracing Systems Used For Strengthening Structures in Seismically Activated Areas

Kundan T. Rathod


 The greatest challenge for structural engineers is to design the structures to be earthquake resistant. Basically the earthquake resistant design of reinforced concrete structures is a force based design. The forces which are considered in this intuitive philosophy of design are the inertia forces which are attracted towards the structure due to the structural configuration provided. These forces are to be resisted by the structure. One of the methods to resist lateral forces is to provide bracing system to the structure. Bracing systems has been widely used for such purposes. In this paper focus has been given on bracing systems, their types and comparative study of different bracing systems. The different bracing systems reviewed in this paper are X-bracings, V-bracings, Inverted V bracings, Diagonal bracings and O- grid bracings.

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