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A Review of Statistical Project Control Tool for Construction Industry

Saif Khurshid, Dr. Ramakrishnan Sahay, Muzaffar Ahmad Mir, Farhaan Ahmad


Project management at construction industry is a complex task which involves qualitative and quantitative analysis of the activities. Various statistical models have been developed and suggested by the researchers which aim at making the process of managing construction projects more systematic and to access any shortcoming at the proper time, before it leads to the failure of the project. This paper presents and overview of such methods and discusses their
importance and method of implementation. Integration of these methods in project management leads to execution of project with increased productivity, justifiable utilization of resources and timely planning of man, machine and material.

Keywords: Tool, structures, construction, planning, project


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Saif Khursheed, Ramakrishnan Sahay,
Muzaffar Ahmad Mir et al. A Review of
Statistical project control tool for
Construction Industry. Journal of
Structural Engineering and Management.
2018; 5(1): 18–21p.

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