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Comparative Analysis of RCC Diagrid Building with conventional Building By E-TAB Software

U. A. Nawale, D. N. Kakade



The rapid growth of urban population and limitation of available land the taller structures are growing up now days. Structure design of high rise buildings is governed by the lateral loads due to wind or earthquake. Lateral load resistance of structure is provided by shear wall, wall frame, braced tube system, outrigger and tubular system. Recently the Diagrid-Diagonal grid system is widely used for tall buildings due to its structural efficiency. In this paper, the comparison study of 32-storey simple frame building and diagrid structural system having vertical column around periphery and diagrid structural system without vertical column around periphery building is presented. The comparison of result in terms of storey displacement, storey drift for the wind analysis is presented here.


Keywords: Diagrid structural system, lateral load resisting system, storey drift, storey displacement


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Nawale UA, Kakade DN. Comparative Analysis of RCC Diagrid Building with Conventional Building by E-TAB Software. Journal of Structural Engineering and Management. 2017; 4(3): 1–6p.

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