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Lateral Capacity of Coupled Shear Wall

Abdul Mujeeb Khan, Pranesh B. Murnal


The aim of this paper is to find the lateral capacity of coupled shear wall by using the
nonlinear pushover analysis method. The coupled walls were modelled as equivalent frames
(also known as wide column analogy method) and analysed with pushover method using
SAP2000. For validation of this method, experimental and analytical results were compared.
The comparison of the results showed that the method used in this paper complies with the
experimental results.
Keywords: Coupled shear wall, shear wall openings, equivalent frame method, pushover

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Abdul Mujeeb Khan, Murnal Pranesh B.
Lateral Capacity of Coupled Shear Wall.
Journal of Structural Engineering and
Management. 2017; 4(3): 62–65p.


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