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Transient Dynamic Analysis of Tapered Traditional and Castellated I-Beam using FEM

swati sahebrao pagare, vasudev upadhye, suhel hashmi


A transient dynamic analysis of typical hot-rolled I sections with solid and castellated web (in the form of a beam member) is performed for various boundary conditions. The analyses are performed for the web depth opening of 0.6D, since it behaves satisfactorily with regards to serviceability requirements at this opening size. Three different pair of sections are selected complying with classification of the sections provided in Table 2 of IS 800-2007. To investigate the effect of boundary conditions three different boundary conditions are used for each member, namely (i) simply supported beam, (ii) cantilever beam and (iii) fixed-fixed beam. The analysis is carried out using finite element software package ANSYS 14.5. The impact force having the duration of 50 µ sec and frequency content of 44 kHz is applied vertically upward direction at mid span for the simply supported beam and fixed-fixed beam. However, in case of cantilever beam it is applied at its free end. The velocity at impact point for traditional I-section and castellated sections are compared and are reported.

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