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Synthesis, Characterization and Deformation Studies of Blast Furnace Slag Particles Reinforced Aa2024 Composite

murkonda vijaya, Kolla Srinivas, Sneha H. Dhoria, T. Yamini


The main objective is to explore the use of blast furnace slag as a reinforcing material. This work provides results of aluminum metal matrix composites reinforced with granulated slag (GS). The Composite is prepared by taking AA 2024 and GS with stir casting process. Optical microscope and scanning electron microscopy were employed to track the reactions between the aluminum matrix and the granulated slag during the sintering treatment. The hardness and compressive tests of the composites were determined as a function of the GS content. The SEM study reveals that there was a uniform distribution of granulated slag.


Aluminum Alloys, MMCs, Blast Furnace Slag, Stir Casting

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