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Effect of Surface Texture on Pressure Distribution in Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

Bholu Singh Tomar, Chandra Shekhar Malvi


This paper presents an analysis of the pressure distribution of hydrodynamic journal bearing for different surface texture, velocity variation and load variation. The performance of journal bearing depends on speed, load carrying capacity, viscosity of oil and temperature condition. Therefore, the effects of these parameters on the performance of journal bearing, on the pressure distribution and on the load carrying capacity have been analyzed on the basis of number of revolution per minute of the shaft. The lubricating oil used for the experimental work is SAE 40. Eight pressure distribution profiles were generated by making eight combinations of speed of the shaft and load on journal bearing. It was observed from the profiles that texture bearing can sustain at more pressure as compared to the smooth bearing. Reason behind this result is the presence of holes in texture bearing. These holes behaves like a reservoir and lubricating oil was filled in it, due to which metal to metal contact reduced and friction was minimized. Hence the performance of the bearing was improved.


Journal bearing apparatus, Smooth bearing, Texture bearing, Pressure distribution, Bearing performance

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