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Morphological and Dielectric Relaxation Responses of Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Composite Films

RISHI KUMAR, Pooja Goyal, Manju Middha, K K Raina


Polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal (GH-PSFLC) composite films have been prepared by polymerization-induced phase separation (PIPS) process as a function of polymer concentration. Epoxy polymer was homogeneously dispersed into FLC host matrix to create fibril network in the composite films. Twisted fibril-like network was observed through polarizing optical microscope through transmission mode. Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of these composites shows that real part of permittivity decreases with polymer concentration. Goldstone relaxation mode also gets suppressed with raise in polymer concentration. Such optical materials may find useful applications in flexible displays.


Polymer, crystal materials, Composite Films

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