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5000 Series of Aluminum and Its Alloys Opaque by Inhibitors

Kalpana Mahato, Bangshidhar goswami


5XXX series of alloys are prepared for marine applications. Light weight, strength, low maintenance and inherent tendency to form passivity surfacing have selected these alloys for manufacture of cargo ships. Anti corrosive paints have been traditional protections in these alloys.  Workers exposed to chromate residues during sanding of aircraft and recoating have increased risk of cancer to 250,000-fold higher. These paints are hazardous for aquatic life, so eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors are discovered. Galvanic corrosion is key point to failure in these alloys, which occurs in contact with other elements in saline water. Applicability of green inhibitors has been alternative researched globally to obey environmental legislation. Adsorption has been mechanism to reproduce performance of these inhibitors.



5XXX series aluminum alloys, Corrosion, Inhibitors, Galvanic, Adsorption, Langmuir, Paint, Ceramic coatings, Pores

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