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Analysis and Improvement in Tribological Properties of Coated HSS Tool

Rahul A. kale


The use of low friction coatings like TiAlN and AlCrN is to improve the tribological properties of tools for metal cutting, forming and machine elements. It is strong scientific interest to conduct fundamental tribological research on the materials that exhibits low friction and can be used for surface coating on surfaces to rub against with reduced friction and wear. Parameters influence the quality of the products in turning process. The objective of this study is the effect of tool coating to determine various parameters such as Sliding Speed, Load and Sliding Distance in machining hardened steel. Analytical analysis is done by using Design Expert Software and experimental analysis by using a Pin-on-disc, friction and wear machine. Pins of alloy steel (HSS) will be prepared in the sizes of diameter 8mm and length 30mm. Coatings of  TiAlN and ALCrN on pins lateral surface. The test carried at varying load, speed and sliding distance. Sliding distance appears to be a crucial factor. For dry machining conditions TiAlN and AlCrN shows better performance over High Speed Steel. From above material and coating AlCrN gives less wear rate and Coefficient of Friction.

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