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Solar Heat Pipe Design and Heat Loss Analysis

Nandlal A Dheela


Abstract: This paper is detailed on the design and heat loss analysis of solar heat pipe. Solar heat pipe is thermal device which use to transfer abundant amount of solar energy to working fluid through very smaller cross section area. Solar heat pipe server so many applications in engineering, i.e., water heating system, aerospace application, refrigeration and air conditioning and process industries. The design of heat tube includes finding diameter based on maximum heat transfer and minimum pressure drop across tube. The experimentation was carried out on single U-band heat pipe with water as a working fluid. The heat pipe is exposed to sunray and result has been observed at different mass flow rate. The experimentation includes analysis of pressure drop, heat transfer and heat loss through the heat pipe by force circulation of water.

Keywords: Absorber tube, Evacuated tube, Heat pipe, Heat loss analysis

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Nandlal A. Dheela. Solar Heat Pipe Design and Heat Loss Analysis. Journal of Thermal Engineering and Applications. 2019; 6(1): 24–28p.  

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