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Designing and CFD Analysis of Table Top Refrigerator Hexagonal Coil Crossection



In the Present study CFD analysis has been performed on evaporator unit. Tabletop refrigerators are the common house hold unit used in almost all houses. Evaporator and Condenser unit is the main functioning unit of refrigerator system used for the cooling applications. With the increase of modernization use of refrigerator system has rapidly increases due to the reason a lot of researches are prevailing on refrigerator systems. With the updating in technologies almost all the refrigerators require performing with high efficiency and low power consumption. Most researches are going on to increase the heat transfer and heat dissipation in refrigerator systems. In the current study a table refrigerator is selected for the study purpose where effects of different cross sections of evaporator coil has been studied. In the design portion some changes have been made in the material of heating plate to have high transfer of heat from plate to evaporator coil. For the complete study CATIA V5 is used for the modelling purpose and Ansys Fluent is used for the CFD analysis Procedure where hexagonal cross section of evaporator coil shows the most efficient results.

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