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Ant-Optimized Scheduling for Efficient-Energy Coverage in WSNs

Dapinder Kaur, Neeraj Battish



In Wireless Sensor Network, Sensors are the primary units but the nature of sensors are not inheritable and because of this limitation there is dependably an indispensable concern while in transit to use confined vitality successfully. So, Efficient-Energy Coverage (EEC) settlement is an important concern for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The solution of this problem is scheduling of the different activities of the devices in the network and helps to save energy as well as improve lifetime of the network. So, in this work a new optimized algorithm is proposed which works on the principle of Ant Optimized Scheduling Algorithm (AOSA) and reduces the problem of energy by optimizing the selection. In addition, Probability Sensor Detection Module is also used in the heterogeneous sensor set that also help to solve EEC issue. To test this proposed algorithm different scenarios are generated and simulation is done. Results shows that this AOSA based scheduling mechanism perform better than existing methods and solve the issue of EEC.

Keywords—Wireless Sensor Network, Energy Consumption, Efficient Energy Coverage, Ant Colony Optimization.

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