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Dual Powered Two-wheeler for Vendors

Phejil K Paul, Vishnu Jayakumar, Job Varghese George, Vishnu Revi, Sajana Gopi


Today the major problem faced by the Indians is the day by day fuel cost increment. We are introducing a new method to reduce fossil fuel usage without compromising on the efficiency of our two-wheeler with reduction in the overall fuel cost. We can increase the efficiency and reduce pollution by the usage of this dual powered vehicle. The objective of this paper is to construct an efficient petrol bike with supplementary electrical power supply, so the vehicle is dual powered as named. Battery can be charged using either solar energy or by means of electric supply. Charging is controlled by a microcontroller to ensure efficient storage of charge in a battery bank while preventing over charging. The stored energy would be delivered to a BLDC motor through speed controller which will control the speed of the two- wheeler. Engine shaft and motor shaft is combined at the hub of the wheel. The main advantage of this paper is that the vehicle can be driven with engine as well as motor which will efficiently reduce the pollution and increase the overall mileage. Each individual source will power the vehicle, but there will be only one at a time to drive the vehicle. The vendors are selling their products at different places, so they need to travel more distance at a time resulting in larger fuel loss when driven in petrol. In our system it will not be a challenge and even if the power consumption is high. So, our idea becomes socially relevant, cheap and reliable.


Brushless DC Motor(BLDC)

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