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Design of CMOS AM Modem for Wireless Sensors

Shipra Suman


A design of amplitude modulated (AM) modem, compatible to CMOS technology for its monolithic integration with either wireless microsensors or other sources of baseband signals, is presented in this paper operating in different frequency bands. Circuits functional in different operating conditions are considered in the paper to satisfy the requirement from low- to high-speed signals produced either from the wireless sensor or other signal source to be modulated on a MHz or GHz carrier signal in the industrial scientific and medical (ISM) band. Different modem circuit designs are presented in the paper right from the module up to the schematic level after their analysis, circuit simulations are carried out using spice with its equivalent Hspice MOS model level 13 for the CMOS process of SCL 1.2 micrometer semiconductor foundry.


CMOS AM modulator, squarer, rectifier, RF IC, envelop detector

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