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masroor chandpasha shaikh


Recent construction practices have seen a tremendous use of first few floors as parking spaces ,banquet halls, auditoriums and community halls, etc. All these amenities require large unobstructed spaces and the normal column arrangement poses interruption. this problem is dealt with the use of floating columns. Floating column is a column that does not continue till the foundation level but rests on a beam.due to this feature the load transfer path is disrupted abd a new load transfer par

Th is generated due to the floating column. This paper presents a review of studies carried out on Seismic Analysis of the building with Floating column by various authors in the past. The analysis has been done in the past using finite element method based softares like ETABS, STAADpro ,etc.the conclusions were derived on the basis of variation in base shear, storey drift, storey shear, storey displacement, etc. both simple and complex structures were used by authors in the past.

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