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Seismic Behaviour of Curved Cable-Stayed Bridge

V. B. Bhruglastav


Cable-bridges constructed in a more unique style for aesthetic and structural reasons. Curved cable bridges are not a common type of Highway Bridge in India, which are usually built at interchange which allows transportation of traffic from one highway to another. The current study presents the effect of horizontal curvature on the cable-stayed bridges. For this study, six finite element models of the cable-stayed bridge are developed with a different radius of curvature of the deck like the straight bridge, 5° curve, 10° curve, 15° curve, 20° curve and 25° curve using SAP2000 software. On these finite element models, linear time history analysis was carried out for the northridge, koyna, and bhuj earthquake. From the study, it observed that the curvature increases, the displacement and base shear demand in transverse direction also increases. The stiffness of the cables are constant and the mass of the deck is small enough, an increase of inclination angle will also result in a decrease of the torsional frequency of deck. The 15° curve cable-stayed bridge is given conservative displacement at different places than that of 20° and 25° curve and increases by a minimal percentage from 5° to 10° curve.

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