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Open-Loop Resonator with Interdigital Capacitor Bandpass Filter For Wireless Application

Kangana Saini, Kundan Singh Rathore


In this paper bandpass filter have been designed and simulate using two open loop resonator with polygonal forms and to enlarge the bandwidth by using interdigital capacitor in between two open loop resonators. The overall filter dimensions are 8 x 16 mm² using Rogers Ro 3010 with thickness of 1.5 mm and relative permittivity 10.2 The centre frequency of 2.45 GHz and -3dB fractional bandwidth (FBW) of 12.3% with return loss -21.5dB and insertion loss -0.8dB. There are two transmission zeroes are at 2.202GHz and 2.753GHz. The proposed band pass filter is simulated with the help of computer simulation technology (CST). The proposed filter used for Wi-Fi, WLAN and Bluetooth application.


Bandpass filter (BPF); Open loop resonator (OLR); interdigital capacitor; Wi-Fi; WLAN

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