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Turbulence Modelling for Estimation of Hydraulic Jump Height

SURESH KUMAR N., Prasanna S.V.S.N.D.L.



The simulation plays an important role in understanding the behavior of the flow field that becomes difficult through experimental analysis. The present work focuses on the experimental studies carried out for different discharges ranging from 9.8 lps to 12.5 lps. The gate openings adopted for the study are 0.025 m at a slope of 1:1200 and 0.023 m at a slope of 1:857 and 1:705.8. The simulations were extended to determine the length and height of the jump by adopting user defined functions. The programme was executed in the fluent solver in order to obtain all the ‘X’, ‘Y’ and volume fraction values at all the cells downstream of the gate. The simulated values of height and length of the jump for the selected discharges are in agreement with the experimental results as well as analytical calculations.

Keywords: Hydraulic jump, simulation, fluent, volume fraction

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Suresh Kumar N, Prasanna SVSNDL. Turbulence Modelling for Estimation of Hydraulic Jump Height. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2018; 5(3): 1–11p.


Hydraulic Jump; Simulation; Fluent; Volume Fraction

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