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An Effectual Analysis of Agribot Technology and Implementation in Global Perspectives for Energy Saving

Patil Nagesh Umakant, Sandeep Tiwari



The classical agricultural natural process requires huge manual try and dispatch on farm subject field which can be replaced using mechanization or smart farming. Agribot is the excellent example of computerized or smart effectuation of the agricultural devices which can oeuvre in autonomous trend with live monitoring from a remote mastery locating. This manuscript contains an automaton robot to carry out various applications because automaton is a mechanical, artificial cistron and is usually an electromechanical (Mechatronics) system. By using control ascendency, we operate the whole golem. The Key mapping associated with farming is implemented by the Agribots. The main focus is addressed by the Agribots includes different farm operation along with their CAD model of individual components with design specification which is required for the balanced movement of Agribot. This work target on the design, developing and the fabrication of the robot which can dig the soil, sow the seeds with the wrack quill, gearing train mechanism, sprinkle to fertilizer, gage cutting tool to cut the green goddess. The robotic system is an electromechanical and artificial agent which is steered by a DC motor which has four wheels. The machine can be controlled remotely or with a solar panel which is used to charge DC battery or with the AC Power supply. The microcontroller is used to control and monitor the process of system motion of vehicle with the help of DC motor. This research underlines the assorted linear perspective of Agricultural Golem with the implementation of linear perspective throughout the globe on assorted parameters and functions involved.

Keywords: Agribot, arduino uno, automated farming, smart farming introduction

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Patil Nagesh Umakant, Sandeep Tiwari. An Effectual Analysis of Agribot Technology and Implementation in Global Perspectives for Energy Saving. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2018; 5(2): 20–32p.

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