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A System to Monitor and Regulate the Toxic Gasses in the Environment

Deependra Pandey, Anurag Shukla



The word vehicle and industry are very close to the human heart from the very initial stage of civilization. Both vehicle and industries make the life easy and play a very important role. As industries are very important for economic growth, technological growth and similarly vehicle are very important for the ease of transport, but there is one more side of industries and vehicles, which is very harmful. This side is in the form of harmful gasses, which comes out from the exhaust of both the industries and the vehicles. It pollutes the environment and is responsible for air pollution and various other air borne diseases, so we need to work on this topic for the detection and reduction of the toxic gasses from the environment. Here in this paper, we have proposed a system, which can detect the toxic gasses from the environment and send this information to the hub or base station using cognitive radio technology and at the same time it can produce from these toxic gasses using a water cell. This proposed system is Arduino Uno based system and helps in cleaning the environment and in the production of electricity.

Keywords: Arduino Uno, cognitive radio technology, detection, electricity, toxic gasses, water cell

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Anurag Shukla, Deependra Pandey. A System to Monitor and Regulate the Toxic Gasses in the Environment. Recent Trends in Sensor Research and Technology. 2017; 4(1): 7–12p.

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