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Control Design for Wiper Motor using Resistive Based Rain Sensor and dSPACE Tools

Abhishek Jadimath S., Sudarshan Patil Kulakrni, K. T. Veeramanju, Rishira K. A.


The development of the automotive industry not only advances in providing a better, more reliable, efficient and luxurious vehicle for the customers, but it also plays an important role and helps in the economic growth of the country. Automotive industry has witnessed a lot of changes and advancements in the vehicle technologies regarding entertainment, reliability and safety. An automatic controller for wiper motor increases safety by decreasing the amount of diversions and the overall comfort is increased too. Existing systems have confines of high cost and low efficiency. This work is based on a resistive rain sensor module. With the help of MATLAB’s Simulink software, dSPACE controller board and control desk, an advanced virtual controller governs the operation of the wiper motor using a resistive rain sensor.

Keywords: Resistive rain sensor, PMDC motor, modelling, dSPACE, control desk, Matlab/Simulink, CP1104

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Abhishek Jadimath S, Sudarshan Patil Kulakrni, Veeramanju KT et al. Control Design for Wiper Motor using Resistive Based Rain Sensor and dSPACE Tools. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2017; 4(3): 1–7p.


Resistive rain sensor; PMDC Motor; Modelling; dSPACE; ConrolDesk; Matlab/Simulink; CP1104

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