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A Realistic Approach Based on Internet of Things (IoT) for Solar Panel Health Monitoring

Kshitij Anand, Deepak Ray, Rohit Samkaria, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Ambujaksh Shah


Solar energy vitality is generally accessible all through the world and can add to limit the reliance on vitality imports. The internet of things has a dream in which the web stretches out into this present reality grasping regular articles. As renewable vitality developed at a rate speedier than some other time in history amid this period. The proposed framework alludes to the online show of the remote observing framework for sun oriented photovoltaic (PV). A framework for confirmation of idea is produced with four sun-based boards to screen string voltage, string current, temperature and moistness. The fundamental test looked by PV plants is the loathsome diminishment of energy generation caused by the amassing of earth and clean on the boards. To enhance the proficiency of sun-based board, it is essential to get more data about the solar board execution, following and upkeep. In this paper, an exertion has been made to perceive how sun-based board qualities can be checked from any remote area.

Keywords: PV array, internet of things (IoT), ESP8266, Arduino, Blynk, Current sensor, Voltage sensor

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Kshitij Anand, Deepak Ray, Rohit Samkaria et al. A Realistic Approach based on Internet of Things (IoT) for Solar Panel Health Monitoring. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2017; 4(3): 25–31p.


PV Array, Internet of Things(IoT), NodeMCU, Arduino, Blynk

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