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Intelligent Temperature Controller System Design

B. Mabu Sarif, M. Chandini, P. Nagatimmaiah, G.Madhava Reddy, C.Jaya Chandra, K.Nanda Kumar, K.Harinath Naidu



The goal is to structure and actualize a mechanized Temperature control framework utilizing installed framework configuration to control the temperature of a framework. All things considered; it is essential that those in designing fields comprehend the advances partner with this region. My paper will incorporate the plan and development of a microcontroller based mechanized temperature control framework alongside a temperature show utilizing seven fragment show. A working framework will at last be shown to approve the structure. The framework made is just a model. A bigger framework can be made utilizing this model as a model.

Keywords: -Temperature Sensor, Controller, Relay, Display, Range, Alarm

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B.Mabu Sarif, Chandini, P.Nagatimmaiah, G.Madhava Reddy,C.Jaya Chandra, K.Nanda Kumar, K.Harinath Naidu. Intelligent Temperature Controller System Design. Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology. 2019; 6(2): 5–10p.

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